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You will be offered a confidential* addiction counselling service in Stockbridge, Hampshire which is easily accessible from Andover, Winchester, Romsey, Salisbury and surrounding areas.

With 20 years of experience using evidence based techniques and latest research findings, you will be offered a bespoke service to address addictive and compulsive behaviours. Frequency of appointments will vary for each individual from one off sessions to weekly appointments for several months.

Appointments are offered face to face or via phone.

I work with individuals, couples or family members from age 17 upwards.

I am fully qualified, insured and DBS cleared.

First Step


Initial two to six sessions of motivational work to encourage change with movement towards your chosen goal e.g. abstinence or controlled drinking. These sessions will consist of evidence based interventions from motivational psychology and CBT


Behavioural Couples Therapy for couples, family members or friends where one or both parties are struggling with alcohol or drugs. An 8 to 12 week course of therapy that is recommended by NICE Guidelines and has a large evidence base of success.


Further counselling for ongoing support and Relapse Prevention which may include addressing some underlying issues. Work in this stage will include techniques from Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Referral and recommendations for any long term psychotherapy or counselling that may be beneficial.



Advice and referral to rehabilitation and other services. Supervised reduction arranged in collaboration with your GP or private medical practitioner where appropriate.


£55 per hour session.
£30 per half hour session.

Payment by cash, bank transfer or card.

Further information

Sessions are available face to face and via telephone.

This is a completely confidential service. Your GP or private medical practitioner details will only be required if a supervised reduction is seen as suitable.


Fully qualified and accredited supervisor. Both one to one and group.
Concessions for trainee counsellors.


£55 per hour.

Confidentiality policy

Any discussion you have with me is private and will remain that way. However, in keeping within the law and good practice guidelines, there are some situations where information may be shared:

Regular clinical supervision from another qualified therapist/supervisor is required in order to ensure that my work operates at a safe and high standard. During supervision only your first name will be used in order to protect your anonymity.
If you or others are in serious danger, I have a legal duty to inform outside agencies for example the police. In every instance I shall inform you first if it is safe to do so.

A Court Subpoena is where a court of law may request information about you even without your permission. This is very rare but if you think it is a possibility please discuss with me first.
If it is decided that a supervised reduction in substances is necessary, your GP or private healthcare provider will need to know your details. This will only be done with your full knowledge and permission.

All administration i.e. report writing, letters, etc. is done by me. All phone calls and emails are only seen, heard and responded to by me.

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